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About Chris Watt Painting – Trusted Painting Company in Adelaide

Chris Watt Painting started as a statement against the sloppy professional standards that dominate the field of Painting and Decorating – we are a trusted painting company in Adelaide. We wanted to set a new, high standard in work solving our clients’ maintenance problems.

In order to do that, we consciously lean away from the high use of contractors and instead offer a true team of painting experts and specialists to deliver an excellent painting work. This also allowed us to pursue excellence at everything we do.

We have expanded our services by doing industrial and residential painting. Our work ethic and high standards have helped us establish a strong foothold in the painting and decorating industry. Thus, we have become the go-to painting company for many commercial and residential clients when they need any of our professional painting services.

Creative Specialists

Chris Watt Painting prides itself on its people who have vast painting experience gained from various commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. Each member of our creative team has their own strengths and when we all work together on a project, you can see what each has to bring to the table. This is very beneficial to our clients and it has made every painting project we undertake an astounding success.

We are strong believers in a good workplace culture. It’s important to us, as creative individuals, that we maintain a productive but happy workplace where employees can thrive.

While we are currently a small team of specialist painters, we are looking to expand. We are opening our doors to like-minded individuals who want to be a part of our culture.

Locations We Serve

Currently, Chris Watt Painting caters to the South Australian market, particularly in Adelaide and the surrounding areas. But we are already looking to expand to other states in the near future. For now, we are serving the following areas: