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Professional Industrial Painters

If you’re looking for a company to paint your warehouses, factories, laboratories, and the like, then Chris Watt Painting is the one you’re looking for. We have a team of professional industrial painters whose industrial painting experience has graced many industrial establishments in Adelaide and the surrounding areas. While we know that such institutions are not really open to the public, industrial properties still need painting jobs that provide the highest possible protection for the structures. This is also for workers’ safety.

For industrial painting projects, our team of highly-skilled industrial painters use oil-based paints as these provide a more durable finish. Once dry, oil-based paints are painted over with protective varnishes to increase their inherent durability and protection. Depending on the kind of work being done in the facility, we also advise if a fireproof coating is needed.

The Need for Industrial Painting

Industrial sites and facilities need to be utilised effectively. It is very important to prepare, paint, and coat the surfaces of structures, including floors, to maximise the use of space. More than the aesthetics our crew of industrial painting experts can readily provide, we understand the kind of protection and efficiency you need from industrial paints and coatings that we will use on your facility.

That’s why we at Chris Watt Painting use only high-quality, high-performance industrial paints that protect your facilities from rust and corrosion. We also apply fireproofing layers when and where needed for the safety of the structure, equipment, and the people working in the area. Having your property undergo industrial painting also reduces energy consumption; we use reflective industrial paints to deflect heat so that the building’s energy consumption is reduced and its efficiency rating is improved.

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For industrial painting services in Adelaide and surrounds, call Chris Watt Painting. We have a team of highly-qualified industrial painters to paint your factories, manufacturing plants, power plants, laboratories, hospitals, and the like. More than just industrial painters, we are painting specialists whose skills and expertise have been honed by time and experience.

Our industrial painting projects reflect the union of creativity and sensibility to give our clients the best industrial painting job for their sites and facilities. We get the work done on time, every time, all the time to your utmost satisfaction regardless of the kind and magnitude of the painting project.