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Your Guide To Picking The Right Painting Contractor In Adelaide For Residential & Commercial Projects

Are you about to sign on the dotted line but you are hesitating because you are not 100% sure if you have chosen the right painting contractor in Adelaide? Don’t fret because a lot of home and business owners tell horror stories of their awful painting experiences. So, before putting your pen to paper, read this guide to picking the right painting contractor in Adelaide for residential and commercial projects.

Make Sure They Deliver Quality You Can Trust

Get family and friends to provide you with personal referrals. If people you trust say great things about a painting contractor and will not think twice about hiring them again, you have a viable option. But don’t just take your family or friend’s word for it. Look at a painting contractor’s work closely. If they impress you with their quality, you will potentially be working with professionals you can trust.

Know The Extent of Their Skills & Experience

Find out how long a painting contractor has been providing services and the amount of work they do on a yearly basis. You will know that they have the skills and experience to do the job right if they have a long-established business with multiple projects lined up each year. If many home and business owners trust them, you will have peace of mind because chances are high that you can trust them too.

Check If They Have Up-to-date Licences & Insurance Policies

Make sure the painting contractor you are looking to hire can present up-to-date licences and insurance policies. If they work on residential and commercial properties, they have to be fully licenced to do it. You also have to protect yourself from any liability when accidents happen and be covered for any damage. So, complete insurance coverage is definitely a must. Don’t work with a contractor who cannot show these credentials.

Take A Closer Look At All Their Completed Projects

Browse through a painting contractor’s work portfolio. If they have an extensive list of projects that are on par or exceed your standards, then you have professionals with a tested-and-proven track record of providing quality painting services. Try checking their social media profiles as well to look at the latest work they have done for homes and businesses.

Find Out If They Use Top-notch Products & Processes

Ask the painting contractor what brands of paint, types of equipment, and array of techniques they utilise. You can ensure your paint job will look great and last for a long time if your painter uses premium quality products along with tried-and-true painting techniques. Interiors and exteriors have different surfaces that need distinct painting requirements, so make sure that your contractor uses top-notch products and processes.

Get Quotes With Detailed Breakdowns & Fair Prices

Try getting quotes from your short list of painting contractors. Compare them to see which one offers the best value. You will know the one that has your best interests in mind if you are provided with a detailed quote free of charge that has detailed breakdowns of labour and materials along with fair prices. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice.

So, before you sign any contract, use this guide to know if you have chosen the right painting contractor in Adelaide for your residential or commercial project. You can thank us later!

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